KETO Keto Keto

Are you on a low carb, GF, no sugar, high fat & high protein diet???

Join others and order weekly KETO items via e-mail and pick up prepared foods here at HENDER’S!!!

We have the highest quality Keto ingredients that we use to make/bake sugar-free low carb, high fat and high protein food!

The Keto lifestyle can be challenging but it is my goal to help fulfill your sweet tooth cravings while keeping you on track! I have been baking Keto for myself for the past 9 months and am very excited to start sharing the Hender’s Keto Love!

The HENDER’S Keto Menu has my favorite items on it… A vegan/GF KETO BREAD recipe thats amazing and fulfills your need for bread. Toasted, its amazing and soaks up butter or is a great vessel for spreading avocado on and sprinkling with “Everything But The Seasoning” from Trader Joe’s. The menu also has a cauliflower-less KETO PIZZA CRUST that I love. The crust makes two portions of pizza or two calzones. FAT BOMBS on the KETO MENU are great pre or post workout to keep your body in ketosis, and also during the day as a snack/pick me up. KETO BLONDIES and KETO BLUEBERRY MUFFINS help fulfill the sweets cravings and allow you to feel like you are eating like your carb loving friends!

Due to limited inventory, we ONLY accept e-mail orders. Once your order has been sent, we will send a confirmation e-mail as soon as we know your order can be fulfilled (typically within 24hrs). Therefore, it is currently first-come. However, as this amazing KETO Group continues to grow, we will grow too and do our best to keep up with demand!

We also love having your e-mail because thats how we tell you about our KETO specials!!! I will be adding items all summer long, so continue to check back!


All orders done via e-mail…pretty pretty please do not call or stop into the shop.

DUE Friday for Monday Pick-Up at Hender’s Bake Shop 7:30-2pM

Additional Pick-Up Days Available Upon Request